Wonder Woman Review

Wonder Woman is directed by Patty Jenson, it stars Gal Gadot and Chris Pine.
This is the origin of Diana Prince, of how she struggled through her battles in WW1.
If you all have been following my channel or have had the chance to read my reviews you would probably know that I wasn’t a big fan of the past DCEU movies. Man of Steel was meh, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad were complete piles of messy disgusting human excrement. Going in, I was incredibly skeptical on how this movie was going to turn out. You need to understand, I was duped twice last year and I wasn’t risking the chance to seeing this movie be good or bad. Luckily, when the reviews started coming out and saw a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, I regained some hope and I walked out of the theater beyond excited to tell you that Wonder Woman is not only the best Solo Superhero movie we’ve had since Logan, not only is it the best DCEU movie ever, but it is by far the best FEMALE SUPERHERO MOVIE EVER. Think about it, a movie about a FEMALE SUPERHERO, that has NEVER worked before. Supergirl, Elektra, CATWOMAN. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has some MASSIVE shoes to fill if they ever want their upcoming Captain Marvel to be AS good as Wonder Woman.
So, unlike most reviews where I just discuss the pros and cons of this movie, I want to do something different. Like I said before, I wasn’t too thrilled with last year’s garbage and Man of Steel was just meh. Yet, somehow, Wonder Woman managed to be the DCEU’s saving grace, but why? How did she do so well while DC’s Man of Steel and Batfleck went from meh to “holy crap these two are dying, Wonder Woman! CPR stat!”
That is why I am titling this review “Why and How did Wonder Woman Work?”

Now, I won’t get into this because the casting in this DCEU has been consistent and fairly cast. The performances in all film, minus Jared Leto, were all exceptional, but it is this film that made me forget that these performances are performances. Gal Gadot became the living embodiment of Wonder Woman. She is Wonder Woman. Chris Pine was meant to be the romantic/comic relief, but throughout the film, he was his own standout hero. He and Gal were PERFECT. Their chemistry is BRILLIANT. This is a fundamental attribute that exists in all cinema but for some reason, it wasn’t that the selling point in the previous films. Not once have I felt connected with any of the characters from either Man of Steel, BVS, and Suicide Squad. They all just felt like caricatures of characters we already know, but couldn’t really relate to. In Wonder Woman, the performances didn’t feel like caricatures. I felt like I was watching characters that were officially being plucked out of the comic pages and brought to life via live action filmmaking.

This was the DCEU’s most GLARING issue. The overall aesthetic was just really dull and mundane. Sure, every film has amazing CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) and it was expected to be that. Heck, it was expected that Wonder Woman will have the same deal. However, Wonder Woman has one thing that makes the CGI ever more a glory to watch and that is the color. The color is the most IMPORTANT attribute to EVERY film depending on how it is utilized. Snyder has a habit for filtering the heck out of his movies. Making everything seem muted and lifeless despite all the crazy action scenes and special effects. Wonder Woman has LIFE. This is a gorgeous film from the cinematography that speaks volumes. It is nothing I have ever experienced from DC in a long LONG time.

Aside from the color being a vast improvement, the tone of Wonder Woman is incredibly consistent. This film primarily takes place in the first world war and there is going to be expected depressing moments here and there and it makes sense to be that way. However, there is a good chunk of really well-written humor and much like the dramatic moments, the humor is never really forced. I kinda got a sense of the Richard Donner/Christopher Reeve Superman in this film and in a really good way! In the past, the DCEU was regarded as realistic, dark, gritty, dull, boring, and complete messy waste of anyone’s precious time and resources.
Man of Steel might have been a straightforward origin story for Superman, but that origin has been done to death much like Batman and Spider-man. BVS was just a mess with so many story-arcs hanging left and right. Suicide Squad is just an uninspired trainwreck with a really good cast. Wonder Woman has a straightforward tell that makes me understand the character of Wonder Woman. It manages to follow the Heroes Journey in an interesting way no thanks to the time period this film takes place in. When most of us saw her in BVS, we only saw a battle-hardened warrior. Here, she is just a kid who is just learning about the world and what her official role is in life.

Back in 2016, there was another film that was filled with controversy and that film was a reboot of an iconic 1984 horror comedy, but with a female-led cast. From the advertising, interviews, and initial release, that film was epi-center of the war between able-bodied individuals and the social justice warriors (or “SJW”s for short). The debate of how this movie will be was unnecessarily huge. Some say if you like it, you are dishonoring the original. Some say if you hate it, you are a misogynist. It is still the main reason why I didn’t see that movie, let alone give a full-fledged review of it. Some would expect the same for Wonder Woman as she is the number one feminist icon of all time. She is meant to empower women everywhere. However, in this film, EVERYONE is empowered. Unlike in the 2016 Ghostbusters, where every MAN is shown to be either an evil asshole or just a big dumb dickhead. Wonder Woman empowers both the men AND women. Both genders are represented very well here! They display the worst parts of their individual characters as well as the best parts. Everyone is represented equally and that is what feminism, in general, is supposed to be about anyway: EQUALITY. This is something I was concerned with when I heard that they were even going to make Wonder Woman live action feature and I am so thankful that it has been addressed so damn well.

Ever since the 2008 Iron Man, comic book movies seemed to have followed a trend that these movies shouldn’t just show the characters and their ongoing adventures, but it is also a 2-hour teaser trailer for the next character to be shown in a comic book movie. It was kind of cool after the first phase in the MCU, but it became stale after many years later. This year is a unique experience in terms of comic books movies because most of them aren’t like the usual that we should have been getting. Logan, which came out a few months ago, is set in X-Men universe, but it mentions them very little in creative and subtle ways. It is also a film that happens to be a Neo-Western! It was its own movie! The same can be said for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, despite it being taken place in the MCU. The Guardians movies are the only franchise in that cinematic universe to follow it’s own set of rules, which is why I am starting to like those films more than the usual Earth-Based comic heroes.
Then comes Wonder Woman, a film that is part of a franchise where the previous films didn’t get that much love. This film does have a small easter egg to Bruce Wayne himself via namedrop. The rest is just telling the audience the tale of Diana’s origin and there wasn’t any end-credits scene. It is cool to have an extra scene during the end credits, but when the end credits start to come up along with that black background, I am just ready to leave the theater and go home. Most of us are well aware that Diana is going to be in the Justice League, that she is going to appear in more films, which is exciting. I don’t need some 1 minute bit of footage that appears during the ends credits to tell me that there is going to be a sequel. I hope Marvel takes note of that, especially Captain Marvel and Avengers Infinity War on the horizon.

I went in very very skeptical. You have to understand, BVS and SS gave me fear that this cinematic franchise was never going to work. I was expecting another DC dud. Instead, I got the first D.C. cinematic masterpiece since the Dark Knight. From excellent direction to brilliant action sequences, Gal Gadot is the ideal Wonder Woman, kick ass music, humor that reminded me of Reeve’s Superman, addressing some major real-world issues, and followed the heroes journey so well while respecting the source material. This is a first for me! Please, I highly recommend you checking the DCEU’s first ever masterpiece. It is worth the price of admission and you bet that I will be picking up my Blu-Ray copy of this film. I LOVE Wonder Woman.
I wish DC the best of luck in the Justice League. I hope they stay the course because they finally have gotten something GOOD. I also with Patty Jenkins and Wonder Woman herself the best of luck in producing a future installment(s). Please, check out Wonder Woman and let me know what you thought of it.


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