Light’s Out

Whatever you do, do not turn off the lights or you might suffer the consequences. These consequences are brought to the attention in the latest WB horror film “Lights Out,” which is based of a short made by this film’s very director, David F. Sandberg, making it his FIRST ever major directorial debut. The films stars Teresa Palmer, Gabriel Bateman, Billy Burke, and Maria Bello.

The film follows the life of a dysfunctional family as they have to survive the harsh surroundings of Diana, a malevolent spirit that can only be seen in the dark. So they’re the only source of help is the light.

The concept for a horror film like this is quite brilliant and going in, I actually felt very frightened. Though it is not surprising of how amazing the scares this movie has to offer, I mean it is produced by James Wan, the genius and apparent KING of modern horror films. The scares felt right and it didn’t feel repetitive. Though, none of that would matter if the story was good and this is a well-written horror film. Probably the best STUDIO MADE horror film I have seen in quite a while because of let’s face it, MOST HORROR FILMS SUCK THESE DAYS.

The story was very consistent for the most part with the help of really well-done performances by literally everybody. Normally, in a horror movie, there would be a select few of characters you want to die or want see make it through the very end. That doesn’t happen in “Lights Out.” Every character has a purpose, they all had very clear and understandable objectives. They even break the horror film trend of doing stupid things that would most likely kill you. Especially the kid in this movie, I felt really bad for this kid and I wanted to see him as well as his sister and the boyfriend, who by the way was the best character ever, make it out alive.

My only issue with the movie is that the film isn’t always very consistent, especially at the end. Prior, I was getting the hang of what kind of tone and story this was going for, but then the final climactic moment of the movie almost took it out of me.
What the movie really does well is how it deals with depression and how really tragic depression can lead to a person.
Guys, I don’t know what was scarier. A crazed John Goodman (10 Cloverfield Ln) or THIS. If you are a massive horror fanatic, then this film is definitely right up your alley. This film had great performances, a neatly well-written narrative, some damn impressive thrills. See if you haven’t already.


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