How do you talk about the most controversial topic of all time: RACISM. Easy! You make a movie about a black guy dating a white girl and have the black guy meet the white girl’s family of apparently messed up racists. This film is written and directed by Jordan Peele. Yes, THAT Jordan “Key and Peele/Keanu” Peele. The guy most known for stand up comedy, made a psychological horror show that managed to score REALLY HIGH on Rotten Tomatoes. So of course, I just HAD to check it out.

Walking out, I thought I was gonna be really awkward about this whole thing, but I honestly REALLY LOVED THIS FILM. This is not a movie, it is a film that manages to flip the switch between genres in which the audience has to figure out that the MAIN genre this movie really is. It has the elemental cliches that horror movies normally have, but it also has a surprise blend of humor as well. You can tell that humor is Jordan’s specialty if you have seen his stand up of course. It goes from drama, to comedy, to arthouse psychological thriller to straight up horror and this is Mr. Peele’s first directorial. That is REALLY rare to find.
Every performance managed to move along with a smart and smooth pace the film has going for. The main lead, Daniel Kaluuya, did such an amazing job with his grounded and very realistic performance of a character going through such a really weird and messed up situation. From start to finish, I was hoping for this guy to make it out.

One thing to look out for a movie like this is the atmosphere. In a horror film, atmosphere is very much the most essential element and what “Get Out” had to offer was something quite unique. It has this visual presence that makes you question the concept of what racism REALLY is. I don’t really know what it is like to be face-to-face with racism personally. Unless it is on the internet, there is loads of racist activity. I grew up with friends with multiple backgrounds so nothing really phases me when it comes to racism. However, the filmmaker himself might have faced some serious moments in his life that he obviously put a lot of influence into making this movie. I think Doug Walker of Channel Awesome put it best, comedy comes from a dark place within. When someone like Jordan Peele, who has some massive personal issues, he uses to jokes to basically calm the situation to point where the audience knows where the comedian/artist is really coming from.

I got to give tremendous props to Jordan Peele and his incredibly talented crew. It is rare for a directorial debut to earn HIGH on Rotten Tomatoes, especially if the product just so happens to be a horror film. Please, I highly recommend this film. GET OUT of your houses right now to see…Get Out.


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