Batman Costume

First ever cosplay build of the DC Comics character.

First Batman Sketch

My first sketch based on Christian Bale’s first portrayal as the caped crusader.

Heath Ledger Joker Sketch

Sketch of Heath Ledger as the infamous Joker from the 2008 hit film “The Dark Knight”

The Stirling Begins

The Dark Knight’s student.

Green Arrow and the Plancer

When the world’s greatest archer and world’s greatest dancing violinists come to gather to save Star City.

Wonder Arryn

Arryn Zech, known for voicing Blake Belladonna in RWBY, as the Wonder Woman.

Wonder Pyrrha

Pyrrha Nikos from the hit show RWBY as DC’s Wonder Woman

The Speeding Rose

Don’t Blink…

The Weiss Lantern

Beware Her Power…

BatBlake Begins

She is vengeance, she is the night…


It’s a small Dragon! It’s an Atlas Airplane! It’s…

Fan Arts

This is where the fan arts of major pop cultural phenomena will be located.